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WWE 2K22 officially Announced

WWE 2K22 has been announced at Wrestlemania 37, giving us a glimpse of the Rey Mysterio and Cesaro character models from a work-in-progress build.

WrestleMania hosted its first live event in over a year this past weekend, and fans were surprised to see the official announcement for WWE 2K22. The video shows off Rey Mysterio and Cesaro battling it out within the current work-in-progress build of the game.

WWE 2K22 comes as the successor to WWE 2K20 — the servers for which will be closing on May 31st — but the previous game unfortunately didn’t receive the reception Take-Two was hoping for when it released in 2019. Subsequently, 2K gave the series a rest last year in favour of giving this instalment the time and attention needed. Graphically speaking, the game looks like it received that attention.

Tom West (2021, April 23)

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