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Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters - Which heroes are in the game?

There’s a huge variety of Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters in the first trailer for Firaxis’ new superhero-based tactical RPG. From original Midnight Sons to classic Avengers and X-Men characters, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is taking a modern approach to the original 1990s Midnight Sons (not Suns) story arc by creating an all-star cast of Marvel heroes. Originally, Doctor Strange brought together a band of supernatural characters to fight the forces of Lilith, Mother of Demons, however Marvel’s Midnight Suns includes some of Marvel’s biggest MCU heroes, and a completely original character known as the Hunter in its roster of superhero characters. Here are all the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters that we know of so far.

Which Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters are in the game?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is quite different to the original incarnation of the 1990s Midnight Sons, smashing together classic members, MCU heavy hitters, and X-Men. Midnight Suns will feature the new Hunter character and 12 other hero characters, although we only know of nine of them from the trailer:

  • Captain America

  • Captain Marvel

  • Iron Man

  • Dr. Strange

  • Wolverine

  • Ghost Rider

  • Magik

  • Blade

  • Nico Minoru

Will Sawyer (2021, September 13)

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