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Baseball, Beach Volleyball & Tennis in 2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game

Product name: 2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game

Game platform: PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch

Release date: July 24th, 2019 (Wednesday)

Game type: Olympics official sports game

Number of players: 1-2 players (Online play may support up to 8 players)

*Nintendo Switch Version Link up with nearby consoles using local wireless: 2-4 players

Game ratings: Minimum age of 12

Copyrights: TM IOC/TOKYO2020/USOC 36USC220506. © 2019 IOC. All Rights Reserved. ©SEGA.


Baseball is divided into 2 teams to take turns to bat and pitch, to determine the outcome by scoring. When batting, aim at the 9th square of the batting area and control the path and timing of the swing. When pitching, the pitch type is selected first, then the path is selected and the ball is pitched. As long as you use abilities such as full-strike, strike, and best pitching through the power, you can also develop a strong strategy. In addition, you can also perform abilities such as stealing, running, returning to the base, and holding the ball to direct the entire team. This way, you can play more in the way you want.

Game control instructions Left joystick (L joystick): Select the strike mode off (offense)

Left joystick (L control joystick): Select the pitching mode def (defense)

×(B) : Strike (offense)

×(B) : Pitching (defense)

L1(L)+ ×(B) : Select ball type (defense)

L1(L): Special pitch (defense)

L1 (L) : Accumulation / release (offense)

R1(R) : Strike/release (offense)

×(B) : (Left control joystick) when there is no specified direction) Slow ball (defense)

R1(R) : Switch to manual defense (defense)

Left joystick: (manual defense) Move (defense)

×(B) : (manual defensive time) Laser shoulder (defense) 〇 or △ or □ or ×

(A or X or Y or B): (manual defense) Pass to each base (defense)

L2(ZL)+△ or □ or ×(X or Y or B): Touch each base (offense)

R2(LR)+〇 or △ or □ (A or X or Y) : Back to each base (offense)

Beach Volleyball

The gameplay in beach volleyball, such as catching the ball, holding the ball, smashing the ball, serving the ball, etc., all require only one button to operate. Even newcomers who are new to video games can immediately learn how to operate and play smoothly. Adjusting the position of players where to obtain a smash must be done, so strategic thinking to decide which position to target is also one of the fun aspects of the game. In addition, you can also play two-person attacks, fast breaks, block nets, smashing fakes, etc. through high-level abilities, so you can experience a real beach volleyball sense.

Game control instructions Left lever (L joystick): Move

Left lever (L joystick): Move position

Left lever (L joystick): Replace the aiming target

×(B): Tossing/serving

×(B) : Supporting the ball

×(B) : Smash

×(B) : Catching the ball

〇 or □ (A or Y) : Fast ball

〇 or □ (A or Y): Fake action

〇 or □ (A or Y) : Block

L1(L)+×(B): Special smash

×(B) : (short press) Toss the ball and make a jump floating serve

×(B) : (long press) Toss the ball and make a jump serve

×(B) : (when the serve position is high)


Tennis can be used to serve and strike the ball through a single button. According to the height of the strike position and the hitback time, the ball will be automatically switched to intercept, hit, smash, etc. A simple operation can be displayed through a hitting style. In addition, when you strike the ball, press and hold the button to accumulate power. Aim at the vast court of the opponent to play a high-speed back stroke. High-hanging and drop-shot balls can also be played through high-level abilities. Make good use of all kinds of abilities to guide the game to a favorable situation. Let's go!

Game control instructions Left lever (L joystick): Move

Left lever (L joystick): Aiming direction

×(B): Tossing serve

×(B): Hitting the ball

〇 or □ (A or Y): Tossing / side spin

〇 or □ (A or Y): Side spin

L1(L)+×(B): Special Hit

△ (X): High hanging ball

Left lever (L joystick) + △ (X): Over the net

Left lever (L joystick) left and right + 〇 or □ (A or Y): Left and right side spin

×(B) : (Serve immediately when the ball is thrown)

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