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Like a Dragon Gaiden - Akame & Key Figures in the Daidoji Faction

SEGA has released more information about the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam), including details about Akame, a jack-of-all-trades based in Sotenbori, and introductions of key figures in the Daidoji faction, the mysterious organization that Kiryu is involved with. A glance at the relationship between Kiryu and Akame Akame is a jack-of-all-trades based in Sotenbori, Osaka, a large entertainment district in western Japan. What is her role in the story, and how does she influence Kiryu?


While completing an assignment for the Daidoji faction, Kiryu gets caught up in a certain incident. Through this incident, he becomes acquainted with Akame, a mysterious woman who seems to be well-versed in Sotenbori's underworld. Akame gathers intel from all over Sotenbori via her Akame Network, an intelligence network comprised of the city's homeless. As a jack-of-all-trades, she often accepts risky requests that most wouldn't dare touch. Kiryu joins forces with Akame, helping her complete these requests. Their friendship deepens as they solve conflicts in the criminal underworld and tackle its poverty industry.

Key Figures in the Daidoji Faction, the Organization Kiryu is Involved with

Kiryu works as an agent for the Daidoji faction under the codename "Joryu". In addition to his manager, Kihei Hanawa, he becomes involved with several people within the organization. The Daidoji Faction Characters ...Kazuma Kiryu. Time for your punishment. Yoshimura

A manager in the Daidoji faction

A cog in a cold-hearted and unfeeling organization

Portrayed by Mitsuaki Kanuka A manager in the Daidoji faction who specializes in violence. Yoshimura prioritizes the faction above all else, ruthlessly eliminating those who pose a threat. He openly expresses his contempt for Kiryu, a man who shows no allegiance.

If he can't keep his promises, then our deal is meaningless. Don't you agree? Boss

A high-ranking officer in the Daidoji faction The general in the shadows

Portrayed by Hiroshi Naka Other than the fact that he is a high-ranking officer in the Daidoji faction, not much else is known about this wheelchair-bound old man. As someone who possesses a significant amount of power within the organization, he demands Kiryu to keep the pact he made with the Daidoji.

We still have a ways to go in our training, don't we? Heh. Head priest

The head priest of the Daidoji faction

Portrayed by Ikkyu Juku A man who serves as the head priest of the Daidoji. Detached from his earthly desires, he enjoys playing Go by himself all day long. He is one of the few people Kiryu confides in.


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