Dying Light 2: Stay Human to show off 15 minutes of gameplay next week

Polish studio Techland has announced it’ll be showing off fifteen minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Dying Light 2: Stay Human next week.

The broadcast will be the fifth episode of its ongoing Dying 2 Know series and will take place next Thursday at 8pm UK time. Jonah Scott, voice of main character Aiden Caldwell will host the show alongside popular British Twitch streamer and host Leah.

We’re promised fifteen minutes of new gameplay from the open world zombie shooter. There’ll be details on quests, combat and the weapons and creatures Aiden will be facing in the full game. Previous episodes of the series included a look at the game’s city of Villedor and combat. The most recent couple of episodes focused on one of the main non-playable characters in the game, Lawan. Rosaro Dawson of The Mandalorian fame will be brining Lawan to life.

You can check out a video invitation to the fifth episode of Dying 2 Know below.

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Ben Borthwick (2021, November 25)

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