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Persona 5 Strikers Latest Trailer Features Your Favorite Phantom Thieves

Persona 5 Strikers release date is almost here. To celebrate, Atlus dropped a new trailer that gives a new look at all of the Phantom Thieves

Persona 5 Strikers is almost out in the West. The game finally launches next month, but today the team at Atlus graced us with another trailer. This time around, they’re giving us a great look at all of the Phantom Thieves in action. Obviously, you know most of these people if you’ve played Persona 5, though Sophia is new for Strikers. Regardless, it’s still fun to see the gang back together and kicking butt again. Check out the trailer below.

If you had any concerns about Strikers losing that classic look as they spun-off into the Musou genre, this trailer will put that to bed. I mean, I’ve never played or had an interest in playing a Dynasty Warriors game, but seeing trailers like the one above is slowly convincing me to check it out.

Ricky Frech (2020, January 28)


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