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2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game - Product Information

Product name: 2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game

Game platform: PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch

Release date: July 24th, 2019 (Wednesday)

Game type: Olympics official sports game

Number of players: 1-2 players (Online play may support up to 8 players)

*Nintendo Switch Version Link up with nearby consoles using local wireless: 2-4 players

Game ratings: Minimum age of 12

Copyrights: TM IOC/TOKYO2020/USOC 36USC220506. © 2019 IOC. All Rights Reserved. ©SEGA.

2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game offers an exciting sports gaming experience. Get ready to explore the 16 playable events where you can choose your sport with the realistic reproduction of the actual venues, including the Olympic Stadium. Anyone can participate in the Olympics with avatar creation. And, lets you play versus family and friends around the world.

Ultimate Bicycle In Ultimate Bicycle players may challenge multiple types of tracks and courses.

Extremely challenging racetracks are provided in the game, which include wavy, high and low terrains. In terms of game control, players need to continuously hold on the button to accelerate. Jumping platform are provided on all types of terrain with high-low differences, get the timing right and press the button to perform a big jump!

Players may use advanced techniques to complete the tracks faster, for example, moving forward, tilt the front wheel, landing sprint, etc.

Game control instructions Left controller (Joy-Con(L)): Move ×(B): Start ×(B): (Standing while cycling) Standing pedaling 〇 or □ (A or Y): Jump L2 (ZL) : ( Press and hold once “Ready” sign disappears) Super excellent start Left controller (Joy-Con(L)) Push downwards: Tilt front wheel Left controller (Joy-Con(L)) Push upwards: Accelerate Left controller (Joy-Con(L)) Push upwards: (When landing) Landing sprint L2(ZL): Grab the left-side runway R2(ZR): Grab the right-side runway

110m Hurdle Race Track and field with a straight 110m racetrack and 6 sets of hurdles on the track route, athletes need to stride over the hurdles, compete between each other and see who may be the fastest to run to the finish line.

Game controls is the same as the 100m short run, acceleration may be achieved by continuously holding on the button while pushing upwards on the controller in order to jump.

Gently push the controller, using the low altitude jump skill which crosses the hurdles nicely to complete the race faster.

Press and hold once “Ready” sign disappears to immediately start running, which will produce a (Super excellent start).

Besides that, when reaching the finish line, players may use the skill (Raise the chest) to get that added advantage. These two skills may help the athlete in achieving better results.

Game control instructions Left controller (Joy-Con(L)): Jump ×(B): Start ×(B): Accelerate L2(ZL): (Press and hold once “Ready” sign disappears) Super excellent start L1(L): Raise the chest

Long Jump Press and hold the button to perform run-ups, tilt the joystick at the designated start line to jump, compete with others to achieve the longest jump.

Jump distance will be influenced by 3 factors, Run-up speed, Start jump position, and Jump angle. Although the game controls is simple, it is a thought-provoking sport.

Besides that, when clap to the beat special effects happens, player may keep pushing and encouraging oneself to get better results as in jumping further.

For advanced controls, get the best timing and press the button during a hang time of the jump, this enables the landing position to change, furthermore, lengthen the jump distance.

Game control instructions Left controller (Joy-Con(L)): Start jump ×(B): Run-up Left controller (Joy-Con(L)) towards Right + Right controller (Joy-Con( R)) Towards Left: Clap the beat 〇 or □ (A or Y): Landing

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