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What to Know About Marvel's Midnight Suns' Heroes

Marvel Midnight Suns will have an impressive list of characters to choose from, all with their own unique talents to contribute to the team.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will be delivering a slew of excellent Marvel characters to embody on December 2. While many of these characters have been identified and officially confirmed, their turn-based gameplay and core mechanics have yet to be fully divulged. However, the Midnight Suns official website does provide some insight.

While some characters will be readily playable, others may not be available until a later time, either by purchasing added content or playing the game to unlock them. Only time will tell, but until December, each announced character is worth knowing about to help build the best team possible before starting up the game. Here's everything currently known about the various playable heroes included in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Iron Man Is a Jack-of-All-Trades Hero

Iron Man is always a good character to have in any Marvel game due to his versatility, survivability, and offensive capabilities. Tony Stark's expensive suit usually provides him with some decent protection, but beyond this, it gives him plenty of maneuverability on the battlefield.

Iron Man specializes in utility, adapting to nearly any situation or enemy type thanks to the long list of weapons and gadgets built into his armor. Perhaps the most reliable gadget of all is Iron Man's repulsor beams. He can use these to deal decent amounts of damage to singular enemies, or more with the help of his unibeam. Captain America Is Powerful Both Offensively and Defensively

Captain America is the poster boy for patriotic heroism in the Marvel universe. He behaves in Midnight Suns much like he would if he were still fighting in World War II. Cap shines on the front lines of combat, acting as a shield for the whole team, and he can be used to either divert the attention of multiple enemies or engage them all before they've even had a turn.

With Captain America's iconic shield in hand, he is able to offer players the power of both offense and defense. Cap is able to take quite a few hits while also providing the ability to ricochet his shield off multiple targets. Wolverine Is as Vicious as Ever in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Wolverine is as vicious in Midnight Suns as any fan of the character would expect. Logan's adamantium claws, rapid healing factor, and aggressive fighting style are all hallmarks of the character, and each is present in Midnight Suns. Like Captain America, Wolverine provides a tank-like option to the team since he can both dish out and survive massive damage.

Rather than relying on shields players can witness Wolverine's healing ability at work as hit points are regularly regained. As for attacks, Wolverine can focus on one or multiple targets by chaining attacks with his furious, bestial fighting style. As a fun bonus for fans, Steve Blum is once again voicing Wolverine in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Distance Is Not an Issue for Spider-Man

Everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man makes for an excellent addition to the Midnight Suns team. He is flexible and agile in his turn-based abilities on the battlefield. With his signature webs and great maneuverability, Spider-Man is able to contribute a lot to any team.

Spider-Man can provide damage from essentially any location since reach isn't much of an issue. Further, even if Spider-Man doesn't like the distance or position of an enemy, he can always use his webs to either immobilize or draw in any enemy, which can seriously help with controlling the environment during a fight.

Captain Marvel Is One of Midnight Suns' Most Powerful Heroes

Captain Marvel is a fearsome warrior and should be a welcome addition to any team looking to put out plenty of damage. Although she does offer some maneuverability in combat, what makes her most valuable to any team is her ability to dish out damage while still being able to take a hit, thanks to her shields.

Captain Marvel can use her cosmic energy blasts in order to damage multiple enemies at once, and she can even double her damage output by activating a berserker-like mode. Another useful trick of hers is to taunt enemies in order to draw their attention and boost her own defenses.

Doctor Strange Plays a Support Role in Marvel's Midnight Sun

Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme himself, has an arsenal of spells in his wheelhouse that can greatly benefit whatever team he is on. Doctor Strange could be likened to the cleric of the Midnight Sun's party. He mostly provides support to the team, often saving them from sticky situations.

Doctor Strange has abilities that let him heal allies, recover their used abilities, or completely hide them from an enemy's view. While he is somewhat limited in his offensive capabilities, he will make sure that the rest of the team has consistent access to their own offensive abilities. Scarlet Witch's Magic Is Mainly Used Offensively

Scarlet Witch, like Doctor Strange, has plenty of impressive spells at her disposal. However, whereas Doctor Strange may be utilized more as a defensive character, Scarlet Witch is almost entirely offensive. Her abilities are deadly and speak to the best defense being a good offense. Nearly all of her abilities are explosive in some way and deal significant damage.

On top of this, Scarlet Witch has ample range to deal this damage with some buffs that punish anyone who manages to get too close. She even has a few abilities that grow stronger throughout a match and buffs that can benefit the team for players who are willing to invest in a character wherein positioning is key.

Ghost Rider's Powers Often Come at a Cost

Ghost Rider is a high-risk, high-reward type character. Robbie Reyes is the playable Ghost Rider in Midnight Suns, although players will get to meet Johnny Blaze at some point in the story. As for Reyes, he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, causing massive amounts of damage that may come at a cost to himself.

Many of Ghost Rider's abilities force him to sacrifice some of his life in the process, or even one or two of his cards. Ghost Rider is therefore best placed on a team that can provide some health for him to recuperate. He would also be a worthy addition to players who like to have teams entirely composed of damage-dealing characters.

Magik Is a Master of Battlefield Manipulation

Magik is an extremely useful ally to have on any team. Like Spider-Man, she can be used to help control the battlefield by moving opponents or even allies to favorable locations. She does this by using her teleportation abilities, but they are often coupled with her attacks, knocking enemies through portals or forcing them into another dimension for a set amount of turns.

In addition to all of this, Magik has some good opportunities to deal damage. One of her strongest abilities allows her to tap into her dark powers and become invulnerable, which gives her plenty of time to deliver lots of deadly attacks with her signature sword.

Blade's Abilities Allow for Powerful Attacks & Regeneration

The feared day-walker, Blade, is a powerful addition to any team since he can handle himself so well in a fight. Blade deals significant amounts of damage and can easily utilize that damage either at a great range or in close-quarters combat.

Blade uses nearly all of his signature weapons, such as his vampire-killing katana, bladed boomerangs, and various guns. On top of all this, the character offers extra survivability by feeding off of the life force of his opponents, which can restore health or abilities and hurt enemies in the process.

Nico Minoru Abilities Are Useful But Often Uncontrollable

Playing as Sister Grimm, or Nico Minoru, is a chaotic option in Marvel's Midnight Suns. She is one of many magic users in the game, but her abilities are quite different from the rest. Nico can shine as both a support character and a damage dealer, but the say that players have over which to use is sometimes limited. Due to Sister Grimm's uniquely chaotic setup, players will have to adapt to her randomized cards in the middle of battle and the inability to select targets for damage.

Which enemies get damaged by Sister Grimm's decent offensive output is often left to chance, but this does not mean that playing as her doesn't have its rewards. She has some cards that can buff herself or the entire team all at once, which makes her a worthy addition if the player doesn't mind a little uncertainty in combat.

The Hunter Is a Customizable Character Created for the Game

The Hunter is probably the most unique character out of all available options on Midnight Suns' roster. This is because The Hunter will be a customizable character that has never appeared as an official Marvel character before. The character is the offspring of the main antagonist, Lilith, from whom they get their powers. This provides an interesting narrative viewpoint for players and allows for a story that can deviate a little from the original comics in order to suit the needs of the game.

That being said, The Hunter is far more than just a storytelling device. They also provide a good amount of strength and damage to any team. Players can decide if they favor health or damage by using either The Hunter's light abilities or darkness abilities. In either case, when using the Hunter, all players will get the chance to fight with dual blades and a faithful, demonic canine companion named Charlie, who helps to add a control element to the battlefield.

Deadpool Will Be as Versatile and Witty as Ever

There are four characters who were officially revealed to eventually join the Midnight Suns roster after the original 12. Those characters are Deadpool, Venom, Morbius, and Storm. Although there is currently no gameplay footage of these characters, there's plenty of room for speculation as to how their abilities will fit right into the game. Deadpool will no doubt be a versatile option in most fights.

The infamous merc with a mouth has a plethora of not-so-subtle, lethal weapons, as well as one of the strongest healing factors in the entire Marvel universe. He always has his signature dual katanas and plenty of guns. The brief teaser involving Deadpool clearly showcases some grenades strapped to his vest as well. This means that Deadpool should easily be able to cover ranged combat, close-quarters combat, and most likely provide some area of effect abilities as well. One thing is for sure though -- as long as Deadpool is on a team, there are bound to be some hilarious quips to enjoy. Venom Is a More Muscular Spider-Man

Venom is most comparable to Spider-Man, with a modification to the fighting style. While Spider-Man and Venom both offer agility and environmental control through various forms of webbing, Venom arguably relies more on his muscle. He may very well combine incapacitating symbiote attacks with aggressive melee strikes and throws.

It would be suitable for Venom to receive a buff to his healing factor and damage while sacrificing some maneuverability and range compared to Spider-Man. Like Wolverine, Venom would be a perfect character to incorporate a flurry of attacks in order to damage multiple opponents, although he could just as easily entrap isolated foes.

Morbius' Vampiric Abilities Make Him a Force to Be Reckoned With

Morbius will be a particularly intriguing addition to the Midnight Suns team, mainly because he was canonically the leader of the team in the comics at one point. It will be interesting to see if various characters acknowledge his presence any differently or not. Besides the relevance of Morbius to the lore, he will no doubt offer plenty of power combat-wise. Both Blade and Morbius are technically not true, pure-blood vampires. That being said, Morbius' many abilities do tend to emulate traditional vampire abilities.

Morbius has enhanced strength, speed, and senses, all of which could contribute to maneuverability on the battlefield. Beyond this, his claws and fangs could contribute to the damage output of a team, and his bite could provide appropriate buffs and healing to himself. Historically, he also has a mind-control ability that could be utilized in the game to provide strategic control over certain opponents for a set amount of turns. Storm Is the Master of Weather Manipulation

Storm is the final addition to Marvel's Midnight Suns that is currently known. She is perfect for the game considering the wide scope and form of her powers. With the ability to control the weather and elements, there's no telling what the extent of her damage could look like on the battlefield.

Wind and lightning are some of the iconic implementations of her weather control, and each offer either a high damage output or an excellent chance to move enemies or possibly allies around the map. Her ability to fly should also provide maneuverability on the battlefield. Plenty of other abilities could also make an appearance, such as summoning frost, rain, and hurricanes. ELIJAH TRONTI ( November 28 , 2022)

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