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What to Know About Marvel's Midnight Suns' Heroes

Marvel Midnight Suns will have an impressive list of characters to choose from, all with their own unique talents to contribute to the team.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will be delivering a slew of excellent Marvel characters to embody on December 2. While many of these characters have been identified and officially confirmed, their turn-based gameplay and core mechanics have yet to be fully divulged. However, the Midnight Suns official website does provide some insight.

While some characters will be readily playable, others may not be available until a later time, either by purchasing added content or playing the game to unlock them. Only time will tell, but until December, each announced character is worth knowing about to help build the best team possible before starting up the game. Here's everything currently known about the various playable heroes included in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Iron Man Is a Jack-of-All-Trades Hero

Iron Man is always a good character to have in any Marvel game due to his versatility, survivability, and offensive capabilities. Tony Stark's expensive suit usually provides him with some decent protection, but beyond this, it gives him plenty of maneuverability on the battlefield.

Iron Man specializes in utility, adapting to nearly any situation or enemy type thanks to the long list of weapons and gadgets built into his armor. Perhaps the most reliable gadget of all is Iron Man's repulsor beams. He can use these to deal decent amounts of damage to singular enemies, or more with the help of his unibeam. Captain America Is Powerful Both Offensively and Defensively

Captain America is the poster boy for patriotic heroism in the Marvel universe. He behaves in Midnight Suns much like he would if he were still fighting in World War II. Cap shines on the front lines of combat, acting as a shield for the whole team, and he can be used to either divert the attention of multiple enemies or engage them all before they've even had a turn.

With Captain America's iconic shield in hand, he is able to offer players the power of both offense and defense. Cap is able to take quite a few hits while also providing the ability to ricochet his shield off multiple targets. Wolverine Is as Vicious as Ever in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Wolverine is as vicious in Midnight Suns as any fan of the character would expect. Logan's adamantium claws, rapid healing factor, and aggressive fighting style are all hallmarks of the character, and each is present in Midnight Suns. Like Captain America, Wolverine provides a tank-like option to the team since he can both dish out and survive massive damage.