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Sonic Colors Ultimate - Gameplay and Release Info

The original Sonic Colors was released as an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii, but now Sonic Colors Ultimate is set to release soon for multiple platforms.

3D Sonic titles have been rather hit and miss over the years, but there is no question that Sonic Colors was one of the best of the group.

This is why people have been hoping to see a new version of the game for a while now and that is finally here with the Sonic Colors Ultimate release that is coming this week for some purchasers.

What Is Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Sonic Colors was a Wii exclusive that came pretty late in the Wii’s life cycle, which meant some people missed out on it entirely.

The game is largely considered one of the very best 3D Sonic games, as it focused on what people enjoy best about the 3D games in the series. In fact, people have said it’s basically Sonic Unleashed without the Werehog levels that people were not major fans of when it was released.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is an HD remaster of that game, this time with an additional Wisp being added into the mix as well.

Dean James (2021, September 2)


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