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New Indie Deckbuilder ARCANA OF PARADISE - THE TOWER - Releases SOON

New indie developer Tasto Alpha’s new rogue-like deckbuilder Arcana of Paradise -The Tower- will be released soon on the planned release date of April 20th, 2023. Currently, Arcana of Paradise has a demo available on Steam as well.

In Arcana of Paradise, players will explore a fresh take on deckbuilding roguelikes, with real-time combat where offensive and defensive timing means the difference between victory and defeat. Players will pick 2 children from a group of 20 to send into a tower to investigate the mysterious depths below. In the tower, players will fight off foes inspired by tarot cards while they search for a rumored paradise.

Players will need to perfect their decks to battle against the residents of the tower in real-time combat. Players will need to time their guards, combos, attacks, and magic perfectly to complete their journey. Along the way players can collect legendary relics in their search for food as they guide the children to the bottom of the tower.


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