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New ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Trailer Shows Off Dragons, Curses And A Weasley

Hogwarts Legacy has just released a new cinematic trailer that acts as a sort of tour of the locations and enemies of the game. While cinematic trailers are always a bit iffy, as they don’t usually reflect gameplay, we get to see a number of curious things here, including at least one new connection to modern day Harry Potter, despite this game taking place a century earlier.

That would be a passing mention of a “Professor Weasley,” who is fielding questions from students about some sort of magic problem. This would be an ancestor to the Weasley’s we know from the original series. Given that this is the year 1890, this would probably be what, the great-great grandmother of Ron, Ginny and the others? That’s my best bet. Not sure what she teaches.

Elsewhere, the owl gives us a look at students fighting of giant spiders in the Forbidden Forrest, spiders which we know are still there a century later, given the events of the books. A bunch of rogue wizards attempt to kill the poor owl with illegal Avada Kedavra curses, but miss. Finally, the owl flies by wizards doing battle with a whole dragon, making this probably the most ill-conceived flight path to deliver a letter to a potential Hogwarts student possible.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of the year, topping pre-sale charts on Steam and Epic, PlayStation and Xbox, currently in the #1 or #2 spot even a month a head of its February 10 launch. As a multiplatform offering (with last-gen consoles and a Switch port coming later), it has the potential to expand its reach beyond games like Starfield, Final Fantasy XVI or Tears of the Kingdom. With no new Call of Duty out this year, I expect its only real competition will be Diablo 4, out this summer. Hogwarts Legacy continues to spark one of the most heated culture wars in the last few years of gaming, one that divides players who believe buying and playing the game is tacit support of JK Rowling and her transphobic views, and those who subscribe to the idea that you can separate Rowling from the team that created the game, and bring up other examples of games supporting unethical executives or studios that have not drawn similar ire.

There is simply no stopping Hogwarts Legacy from being a huge hit, however. The pre-sales numbers already reflect that. The biggest question is whether or not the game can possibly deliver on its promise from a relatively untested studio working on a behemoth undertaking here. Early footage and information all seems promising, but gamers have been fooled by promotional materials and trailers before, so who knows. Paul Tassi ( January 18, 2023)

New ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Trailer Shows Off Dragons, Curses And A Weasley from


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