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First MX vs ATV Legends gameplay trailer has landed

The short 45-second trailer shows various bikes, ATVs and buggies tackling rough terrain, manoevering through mud, and performing huge jumps. It also wouldn’t be an MX vs ATV game without riders performing freestyle tricks during jumps.

We also get a brief look at the extensive rider and vehicle customisation. There are options to change rider’s helmets and outfits along with vehicle components from renowned off-road racing manufacturers.

With enhanced rider, vehicle, and in-air controls physics, THQ Nordic says MX vs ATV Legends is “not just a new game, it's a meaningful step forward in motorsport gaming.” That’s a bold statement. While MX vs ATV Legends is unlikely to revolutionise the genre, it does introduce some new features to the MX vs ATV franchise.

The latest instalment in the MX vs ATV franchise features massive open environments to explore like the California coastline, while a new Trails mode introduces point-to-point outdoor racing allowing you to carve your own path.

There is also a new career mode with sponsorship opportunities and special invitational events along with two-player split-screen and 16-player online multiplayer with squad-based gameplay.

Martin Bigg (2022, June 08)

First MX vs ATV Legends gameplay trailer has landed. Retrieved from


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