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GTA V Hits 135 Million Sold; Standalone GTA Online Coming, Will be Free on PS5 at Launch

Take-Two Interactive just posted their Q1 2021 fiscal results, and like most other big publishers, they had a very good three months as COVID-19 kept consumers at home.

As usual, the biggest money-maker was Grand Theft Auto V, which has now sold over 135 million copies. During their last earnings report Take-Two announced GTA V had sold 130 million copies, meaning it sold an additional five million units during Q1 2021, which is more than any other quarter since the game’s launch in 2013.

Hot on the heels of this latest success, Take-Two has revealed some more information about their upcoming GTA-V-related plans. As previously announced, GTA V is coming to next-gen consoles in the second half of calendar year 2021 with a “range of technical improvements, visual upgrades, and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware.”

Take-Two has also revealed Grand Theft Auto Online will be getting next-gen-exclusive updates and content, as well as a new standalone release. It seems this version of GTA Online won’t be free to play, although PlayStation 5 owners will be able to download it for free for three months following its release. In the meantime, all PS Plus subscribers will get 1 million GTA dollars for every month they play the game until its PS5 launch. It hasn’t yet been revealed which platforms the standalone version of GTA Online will be releasing on, although presumably it’s coming to PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5. Hopefully, a current-gen console release is also in the cards.

Nathan Birch (2020, August 03)

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