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2020 Tokyo Olympics: The Official Video Game™ is now on sale for PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Customize your athlete and experience the competitive world of the Olympics, with online and offline multiplayer features! Enjoy 16 fun sporting events such as track and field, football, BMX racing, beach volleyball and many more! Available in English and Chinese language versions.

SEGA Games Co., Ltd. announced that "The 2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game™ for the PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ will be available for sale starting July 24 (3). In addition, in the future, the top real-world athletes will be added to the game by means of a data update, and they will become the strongest opponents to compete with the players.

This videogame includes the world's 16 most popular Olympic sports events. Sports fans all over the world can enjoy the fun of these traditional sports action games in this title.

In addition, players can also create their favorite virtual characters to use in the game, allowing anyone to participate in and experience the "2020 Tokyo Olympics"", which is a unique Olympic official sports game.

Top athletes will debut in the game! In the future, top Japanese athletes will be added to the game via a data update, and they will become the player’s opponents. These real-world athletes will appear in the game for a limited time.These virtual characters not only look very much like the athletes themselves, but also the voices are specially recorded by the athletes for this work. Don't miss it!

Debut Athletes

Saori Yoshida

Katsumi Nakamura

Takeshi Matsuda

Ai Fukuhara

Miu Hirano

Hina Hayata

Kaho Sakaguchi

Reika Murakami

Ryota Yamagata

Aska Cambridge

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